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Hello Travelplanners Team,

I just wanted to let you know that Cameron’s and my trip to Germany and Switzerland went extremely well.  I felt like I could feel God’s hand on it and us the whole time as everything fell into place.  The weather was 4 C maximum, but lovely – coming back to 40C has left me wondering if we ever really went over there??   We had a good time with family, loved the architecture and the Christmas lights.  It didn’t really snow until the last couple of days in Switzerland so we didn’t get to ski, but it didn’t matter at all.  I believe it has since dumped quite a bit!  Cathay Pacific airlines were great.  The driver met us at Frankfurt airport and took us to The Corner Hotel which we had asked you to book for us.  When we arrived at 7:00 am, there was a lady in reception who told us that they were closed for Christmas and everyone had been re booked into The Mecure Hotel next door.  I said I hadn’t heard that, but it was no problem, the Mecure was very good.  Our walking tour of Frankfurt was very good and personalised (i.e., no one else with us), but I’m afraid we didn’t have enough clothes on that first day and we were really feeling the cold.

Flying out of Zurich, we were delayed 2 hours whilst seated on the plane because they had to de-ice the plane, and then also clear the snow off the runway.  So the pilot took on extra fuel so he could fly faster as so many of us had connecting flights in Hong Kong – I really appreciated that.  And then in Hong Kong, several Cathay representatives met a lot of us to take us as quickly as they could to our connecting flights, and we caught ours no problem.

I love how easy it is to travel around Europe – so many trams, busses and trains, and so frequent, thank you for all you did to make our holiday great!

Another client has just dropped in to tell us tales about his language learning tour to Japan, complete with an in-depth discussion of the difference between $7 grapes (which are what we get in Australia), $15 dollar grapes, and the $30 grapes (which were amazing!)

The Robot Restaurant experience sounded pretty interesting, as did encounters with locals, and breaking the “Never say YES to a stranger” rule!

He’s already planning his next trip to Japan, early next year!

Just a short message to say thank you for your advice on our British and Ireland Grandeur Holiday. Edinburgh Tattoo was stunning… as was the chance to kiss the Blarney Stone plus the Lake District. To stand next to Stonehenge was thrilling and to wonder how they did it.

Your travel planner for us went without a hitch, thank you.

– Walter and Marion, Wyong Creek

Hi Bruce
We would like to thank you for you care, concern and attention in arranging our holiday. We had an enjoyable and interesting visit to Singapore.
The city/state has certainly changed from when we were there in 1985. The obvious upside items were cleanliness , lack of graffiti, and the politeness/civility/helpfulness of the staff and the public in general.
The downside is that Singapore is an expensive place to holiday and according to our Transfer driver to live in.
Thanks for your advice to seek the exit row for extra legroom.
The trip over was, as you know, by Singapore Airlines and hence there was food and water and/or orange juice and nibbles. The trip home was by Scoot, and we now know the limitations of a budget airline – at our age , to be avoided at all costs! It took three hours before we could convince the cabin crew to sell us a drink!
However overall, we had fun and again , thank you for your assistance.

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