An amazing, unspoilt Australian territory – 27 islands in the main atoll, and a population of about 600.
(Just 600, not 600,000, or 600 milion. Just 600!)


The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are a remote territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean. Its 2 coral atolls comprise 27 tiny islands with white­-sand beaches, palm trees and lagoons. West Island has an airport and a visitor centre. Across the lagoon, the Home Island Museum explores the culture of the resident Cocos Malay people. To the north, the isolated Pulu Keeling National Park has bird colonies and a shipwreck.

Weather & Climate

On your visit you can expect warm days and balmy evening all year round.

The islands experience two main seasons that often overlap: the trade wind season from May/June to September/October, and the calmer doldrum season from November through to May.

No matter what the season, you will always experience temperate weather. With a minimum evening temperature rarely dropping below 24°C and water temperature consistent above 26 *C.

Humidity ranges between 70%-80% so you certainly won’t need to pack any winter clothes when visiting this tropical haven!

Kite Surfing

The Cocos Keeling Islands are growing a great reputation as an ideal location for kite surfers and windsurfers alike who are looking for uncrowded water, lots of space and perfect conditions. The waist deep, warm, flat crystal clear-blue waters offer the perfect conditions for beginners that want to learn kite surfing in a safe environment. Experienced riders will love the flat and spacious conditions to practice new tricks and to explore the lagoon during long down winders. Make sure to look down once in a while when kiting across the lagoon and you will spot schools of fish, turtles, and black-tip reef sharks.

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands offers you a real experience of living as part of a small village, away from the rat race hustle and bustle of our everyday world.
Call us, or drop in to plan a real get-away where you really, really get away from the stresses of your day to day life!