This tour will take you to fascinating and beautiful sides of Japan with plenty of exploration – from the modern city of Tokyo to stunning Shizuoka, as well as the heritage site of Osaka and marvelous Hiroshima.

Low Season departure are from June to November and mid season departure from April to September. Japan’s colder months are December to March.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Flight to Tokyo

Day 2: Tokyo

Day 3: Tokyo – Shizuoka

Day 4: Shizuoka – Kyoto

Day 5: Kyoto – Osaka

Day 6: Osaka – Awaji – Tokushima – Takamatsu

Day 7: Takamatsu – Miyajima – Hiroshima

Day 8: Hiroshima – Kobe

Day 9: Kobe – Osaka – Australia

Day 10: Australia