• A seamless end-to-end experience
  • International flights and current taxes
  • All transportation in China or Japan
  • Quality accommodation
  • All meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Touring with expert guides and entrance fees
  • Small groups – max 29 travellers

Below are some sample China tours – we are happy to give you information about other tours available, and show you the Japan tours which this offer applies to, so call us now if you are thinking of a trip to China or Japan.

Glories of China

  • Shanghai’s bright lights
  • Cruise the Li river
  • Face the Terracotta Army
  • Walk the Great Wall

14 day fully inclusive classic tour.


Majestic Yangtze

  • Admire Shanghai
  • Cruise for 4 nights on the Yangtze
  • Gaze over the Terracotta warriors
  • Watch Giant Pandas at play

14 day fully inclusive classic tour.


Wonders of China

  • Walk the Great Wall
  • Discover Beijing’s Hutongs
  • Learn about the Terracotta Army
  • Cruise the Yangtze’s Three Gorges

16 day fully inclusive classic tour.



Here are some basic Mandarin phrases:

  • Hello! Ni Hao! (Nee-Haoww)
  • How are you? Ni hao ma? (Nee-haoww-mah?)
  • Thank you: Xièxiè (Shieh-shieh)
  • Good morning: Zao (Zhow)
  • Yes: Shì (Sheh)
  • No: Bù shì (Bu-sheh)
  • Goodbye: Zàijiàn (Zhai-jian)